Vancouver Wine School Registration Privacy Terms and Conditions

* Once you click "Register" and pass the registration process, you have read and agree to accept the Vancouver Wine School Registration and Privacy Terms and Conditions

  1. Sign up requirement
    1. Candidates should not only register for examinations (except make-up examinations) when registering for the course.
    2. Prospective students must be at least 19 years of age when enrolling for the course.
    3. Seats will be reserved for students who have completed their application on a first come basis. The registration application shall be regarded as complete only when the user submits the true and complete application form and submits the payment voucher or document of all fees. Any application that fails to submit a payment voucher or document for the full cost will be deemed invalid. We will not process your application until full payment has been made.
    4. Students are required to understand that the class involves the tasting of wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages, and must spit out the wine tasted during the class. Students ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE POTENTIAL DANGERS OF DRINKING ALCOHOL SUCH AS THE DANGERS OF DRUNK DRIVING AND agree TO take full RESPONSIBILITY FOR any ACTIONS resulting from the consumption OF alcohol of their own choice.

  2. Rules on refunds and course cancellations
    1. Refund Policy:
      1. If the Vancouver Wine School cancels WSET, you will receive a full refund.
      2. If students are unable to attend the course due to their own reasons, they must notify the Vancouver Wine School 10 working days prior to the start of the first session for a full refund. Students will not receive any refund if the deadline is exceeded. Students may also choose to attend the next session or transfer the course to another student who meets the registration requirements.
      3. If the student is unable to take the exam due to his/her own reasons, he/she will be responsible for the cost of the make-up exam.
    2. Course cancellation Rules:

      Students who are forced to cancel or postpone a course due to an emergency must contact the Vancouver Wine School Cancellation or postponement of a course will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Absence from school
    1. After the start of the course, if the student is absent for personal reasons (e.g. temporary work arrangements), or needs to change the course, the student will be responsible for the administrative fee of CAD 50 per course (change fee).
    2. If the student is absent due to illness and provides relevant documents such as medical records within 3 working days of the absence, the administrative fee will be waived.
    3. The Vancouver Wine School will try to arrange a new class time for students who are absent but does not guarantee that the new class time will be available to the students.
    4. The Vancouver Wine School will not accept requests from unpaid students.

  4. Privacy Protection Policy

    Upon submission of the WSET certification application, personal information of all participants, including name, gender, date of birth, payment information and email address, will be collected and stored confidentially in a secure computer for the use of APP staff only. WSET course instructors and WSET Global staff will obtain the personal information and student registration information required for the examination. Such information will be strictly stored in accordance with the WSET Information Protection Policy.

  5. Reasonable adjustment

    The Vancouver Wine School may apply for reasonable adjustments to ensure that each student's examination assessment is conducted under fair and equitable conditions.

    Reasonable adjustment includes the following situations:
    1. Provide materials with larger font size for candidates with amblyopia
    2. Remove excessive stimuli from the exam room for students with autism
    3. Provide braille translation or reading for blind examinees

    Candidates must submit the application for Reasonable Adjustment and supporting documents at least 5 weeks before the test date. The Vancouver Wine School receives the application and documents and submits them to WSET Headquarters for approval, but there is no guarantee that the application will be approved. All reasonable adjustment requests will be kept on file.

  6. Safety of self and property

    Students have the responsibility to protect their own safety and property. The School and its directors, employees, partners, venues and agents shall bear all the responsibility and consequences for any injury, loss or damage suffered during the class.

  7. The UNIVERSITY reserves the right TO USE THE PHOTOS OF STUDENTS during class for publicity purposes without prior notice.

  8. COVID - 19 policy

    Students are requested to enter the class with valid BC vaccine passport. The Vancouver Wine School reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who fails to provide relevant evidence. If there are special circumstances that prevent vaccination, please consult and inform the school before registration. Students are requested to wear masks throughout the class, except when tasting wine, drinking water and eating.

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